Prank or be pranked

CloudRaker launches Kijiji Duel campaign

Is it an ad campaign? Or is it content?

It’s neither. It’s both. It’s Kijiji Duel, a campaign that delivers the branding of an ad campaign with the entertainment thump of a content series.

Targeted at Millennials whose fingers get itchy when they even glimpse the skip button, we created the campaign by putting YouTube stars JustDustin and Roary Raynor in an apartment together and told them to mess with each other using only items found on Kijiji. Then we did the same with Quebec comedy darlings Julien Lacroix and Arnaud Soly.

The result is one crazy ride: 16 real pranks, shot live, where the person on the receiving end had no idea what was coming. It’s cinema verité meets Jackass, but in the service of a brand.

Hosted on Kijiji Central and YouTube channel, the series/campaign rolls out nationally this week. It includes a 60-second compilation video, 15-second and 6-second pre-rolls, digital banners and executions created exclusively for social. We even launched a Giphy channel to host some of the highlights in GIF form.

Big thanks to Didier Charette and Martin Henri of Roméo et fils, Apollo Studios and all the Rakers who worked hard and stayed up late to make this happen.

Check out the compilation here.

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