Shake, Baby, Shake

CloudRaker launches new Kijiji campaign

Quick! When you do a deal on Kijiji, how does it always end?

That’s right! With a handshake.

Running with this simple but big-time insight, CloudRaker has created a new campaign for Kijiji. Launched across Canada last week, it conveys what may be the coolest thing about Kijijji: That it brings people together from all walks of life to make deals for the benefit of both sides. We're talkin' win-win.

The  campaign includes TV spots, online pre-rolls, display banners and a full metal jacket of social media activity. CloudRaker and Kijiji are simultaneously rolling out a support campaign to spread the word about Kijiji’s popular autos section on national TV and radio as well as on billboards and transit posters all over Toronto.

Check out some of the work below:

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