Action Shot

A California sports brand asked us to invent a cool iPhone app to engage the action sport community. We came up with the idea of a camera app that captures action sequence shots in a single frame to showoff their rad tricks. The client loved the idea but unfortunately poured all their marketing budget into a celebrity athlete. We decided to go ahead and invest in our idea nevertheless. With well over 3 million users worldwide we can honestly say that this time the client was wrong. 


Camera Apps


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Democratizing Photography

Open any respectable skate or snowboard mag and you won’t find a bikini model as the centerfold. Instead you'll find what's known as an action shot, a composite frame-by-frame of the most epic trick of the month.

In 2012, these types of shots were limited to the pros with unrestricted budgets. This exclusivity didn’t feel right in the action sports world where so many of the greats never clearly cross over from amateur to professional.

Creating a Product Start to Finish

When we dreamed of how our team would work, it was with projects like ActionShot in mind; the full integration of concept, technology, branding, UX and willful determination all wrapped up in a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Together we bootstrapped an MVP (minimum viable product) in-house that utilized and simplified the Photoshop process into something anyone with a smartphone could do. 

Creating a Global Conversation

Traditional and social media attention flowed in from all over the world, so we created a blog and social media accounts to join in the conversation (in as many languages as we could).

So much unexpected creativity came out of the app and millions of photos were shared. We became the #1 photography app in the world, and in some markets we were even the #1 app overall ahead of Angry Birds.