Cloud&Co. Magazine

Cloud&Co. is a bi-annual, bilingual print magazine of conversations, insights, and irreverences on business, marketing, and technology. Launched Fall 2015.




Content, Lab, Publishing, Product Innovation, Brand Strategy

Keeping our Non-Digital Tools Sharp

We like to stay flexible, and the best way to do it is to never stop making. Making a magazine is much more than designing for print, we are also creating videos, podcasts, and shareable clips of online content.

A Research Project in Print

The demands of work don't always allow us to completely answer the big questions that can pop up during the day-to-day. For each issue, we pick a theme that's been on our minds and dive in.

A Great Excuse to Talk to Really Cool People

Rick Barraza, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
Susan Pinker, author of The Village Effect
Ignacio Oreamuno, former Executive Director of the Art Directors Club

Organic Reach

Our articles have been picked up and featured in marketing industry publications like and The SoDA Report. It even caught the attention designers and the indie magazine world. With zero promotional dollars on our first issue, we were receiving orders from as far as Australia and Serbia.